Monday, February 12, 2024

Installing Siding.

Is this the year to have new siding installed on your DFW area home? Installing siding can be expensive, and it almost certainly is not a DIY job. So, what do you do? That’s easy…you call the siding installation experts at Home Pro Contracting of Dallas.

Home Pro Contracting famously has specialized in doing jobs for residents and business owners for more than 20 years. Best of all, they do fix up, installation, and repair work for handyman prices with the results of a contracting professional.

When you need siding installed, or other work done this spring, contact Home Pro Contracting of Dallas. Always keep their theme in mind…professional construction-level work at handyman prices. Drop the mic! That’s Home Pro Contracting of Dallas. 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Plumbing in DFW.

Plumbers in the Dallas/Ft Worth area are listed in many places. How do you tell one from another? There is price, courtesy, efficiency, and guaranteed work that come into play. Why not hire a professional plumber at handyman prices? Home Pro Contracting of Dallas is your answer.

What plumbing job do you need done in your Dallas area home or office? Is it a leaky faucet or toilet? Maybe it is a broken pipe. That’s usually a quick fix for the professional plumbers at Home Pro Contracting. There is no job too large, or too small!

That is comforting - one phone number to call for all of your residential or commercial plumbing problems. Don’t guess. Choose the pros and pay “handyman” prices. That’s Home Pro Contracting serving the Metroplex in the greater Dallas area.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Do You Need Handyman Painters in the DFW Area?

It’s a great time of year to paint a room, or many rooms, within a building. Hiring professional painters could be expensive. That’s not true when you call Home Pro Contracting of Dallas to do the job. They do all sorts of fix-up jobs around your home or office at handyman prices.

Interior painting at handyman prices. That’s just what you’re looking for! Whatever you need to spruce up that room or entire work area, Home Pro Contracting is proud to serve the DFW area. They have been performing painting and other jobs for over 20 years.

People of DFW have come to trust and appreciate the work done by Home Pro Contracting of Dallas. Why not add your family or workforce to that list with one call? Day or night, call Home Pro Contracting and get that painting job started (and finished) to your satisfaction at an affordable price.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

A Handyman for Drywall.

No one believes drywall is easy to hang. This is the time of year for indoor projects. Home Pro Contracting of Dallas is the right choice when you’re looking for a drywall contractor, or just a drywall handyman to do the project. It’s professional drywall work for handyman prices.

You can call Home Pro Contracting today (or any day) to find a great drywall contractor who will do the work for handyman prices. That’s an easy question to answer if you live in DFW. Do you want a professional, guaranteed job done for a lower price? Of course, you do!

Home Pro Contracting of Dallas does dozens of such jobs in this area. They have done so for many years. Contact Home Pro Contracting of Dallas for your next drywall project (or any other construction project that you want done for less) in the DFW area. You’ll be glad you did.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Christmastime in the Dallas Area.

Enchant is one of the most magical holiday experiences in the Metroplex. When you enter the Nordic-inspired winter wonderland, you will no longer feel like you are in Dallas. It is one of the many experiences that Home Pro Contracting of Dallas hopes you will take in.

Take a look at all this amazing northern Texas area has to offer this holiday season. Dallas is special because it is not too cold, and not too warm, and it is darn near perfect for observing the Christmas season.

In the upcoming year, if you want professional contracting services for handyman prices, think first of Home Pro Contracting in Dallas. It is truly amazing how many satisfied customers that Home Pro Contracting has worked with over the years. See all of that and more on the website.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Contractors and Handymen.

When you think of those two, you may be thinking of a totally different job and price. That’s not necessarily true! When you choose Home Pro Contracting of Dallas, you get contractor quality work at handyman prices in DFW.

For over 20 years, businesses and homeowners have relied on Home Pro Contracting of Dallas to provide just that. The work that needs to be done may be as basic as a light switch or as intricate as roof repair. The answer is always the same.

Home Pro Contracting of Dallas gives you peace of mind. You know that every job (large or small) is done affordably like a handyman would do. At the same time, Home Pro Contracting is loyal to all of its customers. Just check out the about us page on their website.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

You May Still Have Siding Installed.

Prior to winter gripping the area, you may be looking at hiring a professional siding contractor. What if you could do that for the price of a handyman? Home Pro Contracting of Dallas gives you professional siding installation for handyman prices!

Installing siding is a precise job that should be trusted to a pro. Maybe you need Hardie board siding in DFW? No problem, Home Pro Contracting has been installing siding of all types for decades. Before the really cold weather hits, they also offer house painting.

Call Home Pro Contracting 24/7 in DFW and arrange to have your siding job and/or your painting project completed before the end of the year. Remember…when you want professional work at handyman prices with accountability, call Home Pro Contracting of Dallas.