Thursday, August 16, 2018

Expansion and Contraction.

No, this is not a lesson on the economy, but rather the interior work done on your home.  As we transition from summer to winter you may be thinking about expanding one of the rooms in your home or office and contracting another.  When expanding your flooring for example, you have to be aware of expansion gaps.

What, exactly is an expansion gap?  They are spaces that remain in a room around fixed objects such as thresholds, hearths, baseboards, and other stationary items built or secured into the framing structure of your home.  Although wood flooring is not a living, breathing, entity it still reacts to changes in moisture and temperature.

Being aware of all the nuances of expanding a room is key and critical in your “Better Homes and Gardens” vision of what you will see when the work is done.  If you live in the Dallas area you should call Home Pro Services for an estimate.  They are the Metroplex’s home and commercial remodeling professionals.  That number is (214) 886-2236.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Confounding Door Locks for Seniors.

When you have a door lock installed in your home it may be for a very important and specific reason.  For many homeowners in the Dallas area it is to protect aging family members from getting into an area which may present a problem.  Have you heard of an Alzheimer’s door lock?  It opens by pulling and rotating…very different from the traditional lock.

This remarkable Alzheimer’s safety device works on doors that swing inward only.  It can be installed on wood or metal doors and requires a drill and a screw driver.  It is never recommended for exit doors for obvious safety reasons.  It has proven to be a safe deterrent for seniors with dementia and other related problems.

Is it time to have one or more Alzheimer’s door locks installed in your area home?  One call does it all.  The Metroplex handyman company for all of your construction, carpentry, and plumbing needs continues to be Home Pro Services.  Always think of them for a variety of projects around your home or office by calling (214) 886-2236.