Monday, March 18, 2024

Bathroom Remodeling.

Have you decided to have your bathroom remodeled in DFW? It’s been a long winter. Now it is time for a new-looking bathroom. What plumber are you going to call? How about this - have your bathroom remodeled by Home Pro Contractors of Dallas.

Home Pro Contracting does a first-rate job at handyman prices. They won’t nickel and dime you! Now you can have a beautiful new bathroom…or two, and you have money left in your pocket. The pros at Home Pro Contracting install showers, tubs, and tile. They also handle the installation of all bathroom fixtures.

When you are ready to have one or more bathrooms remodeled in your DFW area home, call Home Pro Contracting of Dallas. You will be so proud of the finished project. Always rely on Home Pro Contracting for contractor professionalism at handyman prices.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Need a Painter?

Painting…indoors or out adds beauty and value. Everyone knows that. What you may not know is that if you live in the Metroplex there is a company that can provide professional painters at handyman prices. That company is Home Pro Contracting of Dallas.

Is it a house, or a commercial building in DFW? It doesn’t matter. Home Pro Contracting will send as many painters to the site as needed to get the job done 100% to your satisfaction. They do interior or external painting at handyman prices.

See for yourself. Call Home Pro Contracting of Dallas. Have them come to your office or home to see what’s required. They have served the Dallas area with professional work at handyman prices for over 20 years.