Monday, September 17, 2018

How and When to Replace a Door Lock.

How many people have waited until they had a break-in to pay attention to this?  The horse is out of the barn by then!  You know the obvious, a properly locked door is your first line of defense against unwanted intruders in your home. When arranging for reliable home security, it is best to be proactive in replacing locks.

Here are some other reasons –

1.  You just got a new roommate.  Change the locks so that the old one won’t return.
2.  Your keys were lost or stolen.  Change out the locks and get new keys.
3.  Wear and tear.  Not only are they less safe, they are a pain to open.

Changing doors and locks COULD be a DIY job, but is better handled by a licensed handyman.  One of the very best in the Metroplex is Home Pro Services.  The Home Pros have been handling Dallas area plumbing, repair, remodeling, and other services for a long time.  You can count on Home Pro Services to do the job thoroughly the first time.  Just call (214) 886-3326.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It’s a Rotten Job.

There are plenty of those tasks around your home or office, that’s for sure.  One of the worst is repairing wood rot in walls.  Wood rot inside walls is typically caused by water leaking in during severe weather or leaks in plumbing. What is essential here is that you first solve this problem before engaging in rot repairs.

You need to ensure that moisture does not continue to build up and damage the new repairs. When all of the rotted lumber and other materials has been removed that becomes vital because NOT doing that will cause dry rot to spread to surrounding wood and the rotted wood will attract insects and other pests, causing even greater damage.

It is all messy, time consuming, exhausting, and needs to be done completely the first time.  It’s Home Pro Services to the rescue!  In the Dallas area home and business owners have counted on them to deal with wood rot for many years.  If leaking water has caused wood damage, call the pros immediately.  Home Pro Services at (214) 886-3326.