Monday, March 14, 2022

You’re Not Thinking of Doing Your Own Electrical Work…are You?

Not on your life…literally! Electrical repairs in your home or office are dangerous at best. You could call any electrician that you happen to google, but those are usually people who do not do handyman type jobs. If you want it done right AND less expensively, then rely on Home Pro Contracting of Dallas for your electrical repair needs.

For example, these are some of the steps that the pros at Home Pro Contracting will take in replacing electrical outlets –

1. The power must be completely off.

2. The circuit will have to be tested.

3. All of the applicable wires are removed.

4. The use of pliers will attach wires to the new receptacle.

If it is done by those who are not schooled in the entire process, well then…ZAP! The bottom line is…do not mess with electrical repair. Please call the bonded and insured handymen of Home Pro Contracting in Dallas. The phone number in the Metroplex is (214) 886-3326. You won’t believe their talents. Just visit

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What Work Does a Trim Carpenter Do?

You know the work of a carpenter, but what about a trim carpenter? A Trim Carpenter is a highly specialized type of carpenter whose task is to install and carry out repairs on molds and trim found on doors and windows, as well as baseboards, and other such ornamental pieces

Home Pro Contracting can send a trim carpenter to your job site.

Think of it this way, a person who does trim carpentry is generally responsible for the last phases of construction that involve the finishing touches. When you are having a job done on a home or an office, you simply must have it done to perfection. That’s what Home Pro Contracting does.

Now, you can do your own carpentry of course, or even the trim carpentry, but will you be 100% satisfied when the job is done? Home Pro Contracting of Dallas offers all of the carpentry work you will ever need…guaranteed! Call Home Pro Contracting for your next carpentry job in The Metroplex. That number is (214) 886-3326. The web address is