Monday, June 18, 2018

Handyman, Handyman, What Makes You Handy?

When it comes to the heavy-duty handyman stuff — serious electrical work, deep plumbing, anything to do with major construction work— we understand why you might want to hire a proven professional company.  Unless you like that Dan Aykroyd character from SNL with his backside hanging out when he bends over!

Seriously, the work of a great company specializing in repair, construction, plumbing, etc. is worth its weight in gold.  Hiring the wrong handyman not only jeopardizes the job, but compromises the worth of your home or business.  There is NO margin for error in trying to save a few bucks.

Home Pro Services to the rescue!  They handle jobs both large and small anywhere around the Dallas Metro and have been doing so for many years to the ultimate satisfaction of home owners and businesses both large and small.  Whatever the task, contact Home Pro Services first and get a quote at (214) 886-2236.

Friday, June 1, 2018

It May be a Mistake to just Call the National Termite Guys.

You know their names and they have built a nationwide reputation for ridding your home of termites, BUT there is one thing missing.  Clean up on aisle one!  That’s right, there is repair and replacement to be considered when eradicating these wood-eating pests.  You may need much more than an exterminator.

What about the structural damage those varmints have done?  Framework, fixtures, wallboard, and trim may well need to be repaired or replaced entirely.  Before you make the call for JUST a termite control company think about the larger ramifications of the project.  Terminate that call and call us first!

We are Home Pro Services.  We work with the pest control people to make sure that the job is done completely.  That means cleaning up and fixing damage done by termites or any other pests that invade homes and businesses in the Dallas area.  Give us a call and see for yourself what a difference it will make.  That number is (214) 886-2236.