Monday, June 12, 2023

Installing Siding.

Installing siding on your Dallas area home can be complicated and expensive…if done wrong the first time. How about having your home fully sided by professionals at the price of a handyman. The best part is that the work will be guaranteed if you have it done by the siding experts at Home Pro Contracting of Dallas.

Here are some of the things they will do -

1.  They will cap each corner post before beginning the project.

2.  Apply just the proper upward pressure to avoid siding from being caught by the wind.

3.  They have a vinyl siding blade.

4.  The pros must cut a piece of flashing before installing the side J-channels…say what?

As you begin to look at the processes on the internet, you realize the potential pitfalls of the job. To have your home sided just right, make sure you rely on the experts at Home Pro Contracting serving the greater Dallas area. It all starts with a phone call to Home Pro Contracting at this number (214) 886-3326. See their prolific work at

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Is It Time to Paint Your House?

Summer is nearly upon us, and the exterior of your Dallas area home will be getting a lot more attention. Now, you COULD hire a professional house painting crew and unleash them…or you could call Home Pro Contracting to do the job. Why would you do that? You would do it to save hundreds of dollars and get the same guaranteed professional work!


Some of the steps that the painting pros at Home Pro will be taking are -

1. They know how to work their way from top to bottom.

2. The windows need to be properly prepared.

3. Are there any bricks? Home Pro Contracting will know what to do.

4. They will use the correct tools for the job.

It is all professional, and best of all…guaranteed. The house painters at Home Pro Contracting have painted so many homes in The Metroplex, they could do it with their eyes closed. Don’t worry. Home Pro Contracting of Dallas will paint your home with “eyes wide open!”. To begin, call (214) 886-3326. Wanna see it all? Just visit