Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Dallas Comes Alive this Holiday Season.

Are you just sick and tired of being cooped up? I think just about everyone is! This holiday season promises to be a “return to normalcy” in The Lone Star State and especially in the Dallas Metroplex. Here at Home Pro Contracting, we hope that you and your family will experience as much of it as possible.

Just one of the dozens of holiday events around Dallas is A Magical Cirque Christmas. Your hostess is Lucy Darling who will take her guests through an evening of dazzling performers and breathtaking cirque artists. All of this is accompanied by beloved holiday music performed live. Check out A Magical Cirque Christmas on the web.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season we at Home Pro Contracting wish you a safe and prosperous New Year. In 2022, as in all of the years of this century, Home Pro Contracting of Dallas will be there to perform all of the household tasks that are beyond your reach. Happy New Year from Home Pro Contracting of Dallas. We are found at

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Handyman May Well be Cheaper and Better.

When we started Home Pro Contracting of Dallas before the turn of this century, we asked ourselves a critical question…if we could do the same or better job that another company would do with the best Handymen in the industry would that NOT be better? We knew that professional craftsmen and general contractors would have to be a part of the mix.

Voila…Home Pro Contracting became a staple of the DFW area! Today, no job is too big or too small for us. If you need a light switch or some cranky outlet in your home or office fixed, or a wall or even a roof repaired, maybe it is a bathroom remodel, we always have the right professional for the job you require.

As we move in to 2022 there are no words to tell you how grateful we are at Home Pro Contracting of Dallas for our area growth. The only thing left to do is come on Cowboys…win a Super Bowl this Century! Please visit our website at, then pick up the phone and dial (214) 886-3326.