Monday, February 1, 2021

Grab a Brush…or NOT!

You have to be tired of staring at the four walls by now. Let’s consider a fresh coat of paint for one or more of your Dallas area home’s rooms. Face it…painting a room offers an inexpensive way to refresh its appearance even in less challenging times. When you consider how much time you have spent in your home, it may be more important than ever!

Here are some of the steps –

1.  Prepare the entire room for the job ahead.

2.  Apply painter’s tape to your moldings, windows, and doors.

3.  Spread drop cloths throughout the room.

4.  Start with the ceiling if you are nimble enough.

5.  Forget steps one through four and call a professional painter!

That last point sounds like a smart one…doesn’t it? The Dallas area interior and exterior painting pros are found at Home Pro Contracting. They are the perfect combination of contractors and handymen. When you have a job in or out of your Dallas area castle google to see all that they do. Then call (214) 886-3326.