Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cleaning up after Water Damage.

It is nasty business, and this is where a handyman (or men) becomes invaluable.  The term has been misunderstood over the years as if to suggest that a quality, licensed handyman is less than an expert at what he does.  When water damage occurs in your Dallas area home or office you will understand
the importance of calling the right person.

Detecting mold and mildew is essential.  You must –

1.  Detect ALL of the mold.
2.  Act quickly after the damage occurs.
3.  Turn off the power.
4.  Completely dry the affected area.
5.  Remove moisture from all of the ceilings and walls.

I am Chis Dandridge.  I am the project coordinator of Home Pro Services.  You will not find better handymen in the Dallas Metro than my crew.  Look what happened last year in Houston.  One day, flooding may wreak havoc at your home or office.  Please think of Home Pro Services immediately and make the call to (214) 886-2236.

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