Thursday, April 14, 2022

Recovering from a Water Damaged Basement.

Here is what happens in the immediate aftermath of a water damaged basement. First, the structural and electrical damage is assessed. Secondly, NEVER mix bleach with ammonia! Thirdly, all of the proper clothing and eye protection MUST be worn. Just let the clean-up professionals at Home Pro Contracting do the work.

Here are just some of the steps that the pros at Home Pro will take –

1.  Be sure all electric and gas services are turned off before they begin.

2.  They will strain water through a clean cloth or filter.

3.  Flooded carpets and rugs must be taken up and eventually replaced.

4.  Water must be removed from the structure as rapidly as possible.

Home Pro Contracting of Dallas does all of the above and MUCH more to restore your damaged basement to its newest and best possible condition. If your Dallas area home is damaged by water, make your second call (after your insurance company) to Home Pro Contracting at (214) 886-3326. See their myriad of services at

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