Monday, May 15, 2023

Don’t Mess With Gas Lines!

Lest we forget the odor of leaking gas is a dangerous proposition. The smell is a sure sign that somewhere around your Dallas area home there is a gas leak that can lead to an explosion. If it ever gets to that point, the results could be devastating for property and even human life. Do not hesitate to call a gas line expert at Home Pro Contracting!

Here are some of the gas leak head’s ups -

1. You notice air bubbles around your home.

2. Plants start to die.

3. The sounds of hissing.

4. That unmistakable smell of rotten eggs.

Gas line repairs are one of the many areas of expertise by the team at Home Pro Contracting of Dallas. The important thing to remember is that for a variety of chores around your home or office you can always count on Home Pro Contracting. They do professional work at handyman prices. Just visit Then call (214) 886-3326.

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