Monday, July 3, 2023

Licensed General Contractor.

What does that mean, anyway? Well, a general contractor is defined as a company that is responsible for overseeing a construction project. How difficult is it to get a general contractor’s license in the state of Texas…not at all! Amazingly the state of Texas does not require a license. That is yet another reason to hire Dallas area licensed general contractor Home Pro Contracting.

There are steps that must be taken such as -

1. On-the-job training.

2. Registering with the state and creating a business plan.

3. Appling for a work permit in your county.

There are many more. So, the next time some company tells you that they can do a job for less…ask them if they have a licensed general contractor’s license. If they say NO, then run to the phone and dial (214) 886-3326. Home Pro Contracting of Dallas will do the job from start to finish…guaranteed. See the complete story at

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