Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Avoid the Zap…Chap.

It seems like good advice when it comes to replacing light switches and electrical outlets in your Dallas area home.  How about if we give you a few tips, then you decide if you want to tackle the project yourself, or call in a certified electrician to do the job safely and guaranteed the first time?  Just sayin’.

Some things to remember when dealing with your home’s wiring –

1.  Don’t reverse hot and neutral wires…ZAP!
2.  Don’t cut the wires too short…ZAP!
3.  Don’t leave the power on…ZAP!
4.  Don’t install a tree-slot receptacle without a ground…ZAP!
5.  Don’t wire a ground fault circuit interrupter backward…ZAP!

Here is a DO.  DO call the professional handymen and electricians at Home Pro Services.  They have served just about every fix-up and repair need around the Metroplex for years.  See for yourself, visit on the web and see the myriad of services that they offer.  Just call (214) 886-3326 for Home Pro Services…Dallas’ handyman.

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