Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Forty Inches…That’s a Lot!

Alright, calm down.  Forty inches is the amount of average rainfall that the Dallas area receives in a year.  Over 365 (or 366) days that may not seem like a lot, but ask your basement (if it could talk) after a good drenching.  When you are walking IN water and not ON it that is anything but an ideal situation!

There are many companies in the Metroplex that advertise clean-up from water damage.  Are you looking for just cosmetic cleaning, or a thorough restoration of your beloved basement?  You can get by with just having the excess water removed, or you can return that important area of your home to as good as new.

That’s what the crew from Home Pro Services does.  They will come into your Dallas area castle, roll up their sleeves and give your basement the look, feel, and even smell that it used to have.  For true flood restoration please call the handymen at Home Pro Services of Dallas.  That phone number is (214) 886-3326.

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