Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Yes, General.

The very word connotes a higher level of authority, doesn’t it?  For our purposes today, a general contractor is responsible for the overall coordination of a project.  The Big Kahuna!  In the case of renovations, a site visit is required to get a better understanding of the project.  The contractor then fixes a price proposal.

A general contractor is responsible for providing all the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for a construction of the project.  A general contractor often hires specialized subcontractors to perform the construction work.  When using subcontractors, the general contractor is responsible for the quality of all work performed by all of the hires.

It is a really big deal for a really important job.  Do you know a company that regularly works with general contractors in the Dallas area?  We do.  It’s Home Pro Services.  There is a tab on their website that will give you more details under the term contractors.  After you have read that you should be very comfortable in calling (214) 886-3326.

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