Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Contractor vs. Handyman.

It sounds like a mammoth clash at The Sportatorium between two wrestling combatants, doesn’t it?  What IS the difference between handyman services and that of a contractor?  There are some projects a handyman may not be licensed to do.  Rough in or newly installed plumbing or electrical work may be a couple of projects that lead the list.

Keep in mind that if he or she isn’t licensed, you'll need to hire a specialized contractor who is.  If not, you could be liable financially if damages occur. Now, if you try to sell your Dallas area home, you could end up paying more to fix the issue, so it meets local code requirements.  Certainly no one wants that to happen!

Here is the perfect solution.  Call Home Pro Services of Dallas.  You see, with Home Pro NO job is too big or too small.  Their professional home repair contractors can help with anything from basic handyman repairs to all of the complicated matters that you thought required a contractor and all at a competitive price!  Call Home Pro Services of Dallas today at (214) 886-3326.

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