Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Three Sheets to the Wind.

Many of us have been there before, but in this case we are referring to hanging sheetrock in your Dallas area home.  Hanging “rock” doesn’t require a lot of finesse, but it is heavy work.  But if you have a strong back and you can climb four steps without wheezing, don’t be afraid to tackle one, two or even three rooms on your own.

How do the pros do it?  The pros never secure drywall with nails anymore, and neither should you.  Screws anchor the rock solidly to the framing, do less damage to the paper face, and are less likely to cause fastener pops down the road.  Nail pops are a nuisance to fix and generally won’t appear until after you’ve applied the final coat of paint.

Maybe you are among the adventurous in Dallas, but Home Pro Contracting will make this pledge…they will provide (a) drywall contractor(s) for the price of a handyman.  And, the job will be done right, guaranteed the first time!  Why not call Home Pro Contracting for all your drywall hanging (and hundreds of other projects) at (214) 886-3326?

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