Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Installing Siding on Your House.

It’s not rocket science…or is it?  For most Dallas area homeowners installing siding is about as easy as constructing an entirely new home.  We know that Vinyl siding is tough, durable and maintenance free.  It needs nothing more than a rinse from a hose to keep it clean and you never have to paint again!

Here are some of the steps that a professional will take –

1.  Start by leaving some of the materials on your home that are in good shape.
2.  Everything must be measured down to the precise inch.
3.  They will always use a level.
4.  Cut the siding short to allow for expansion in the summer.
5.  Hide all the seams.

Finally, the siding is installed.  Now the final piece of this puzzle…choose a company that will do the job correctly and guaranteed the first time!  In the Dallas Metro that company is Home Pro Contracting.  They do work in the Metroplex that is construction quality at handyman prices.  Contact Home Pro Contracting for any job large or small at (214) 886-3326.

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