Monday, August 31, 2020

How Much is my Home Worth?

I would imagine that it is a question you have periodically asked among household members. One thing that is almost guaranteed to do so is a beautiful exterior paint job by a professional house painter in Dallas. Consumer Reports says that enhancing your home’s exterior, including paint touch-ups may increase its value by about 5%.

Painting the whole house is no small job to take on. It takes experienced painters about 5 days to paint an entire home exterior. The average cost nationwide is about three thousand dollars. BUT, if the above stats are correct it will add about 15,000 dollars of value to a Dallas area home that is worth about 300,000 dollars!

That is worth some careful consideration especially in this cooler, dryer time of the year that is perfect for house painting. Would you like to get a quote from one of the very best house painting companies in the Metroplex? Well then call (214) 886-3326 as soon as possible and have Home Pro Contracting of Dallas come to your home. What are you waiting for?

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