Monday, November 2, 2020

If I Were a Carpenter…

You may know the song, but in the real world there are different specialties that carpenters have. One of those is a “trim” carpenter. What is that anyway? Trim carpenters are specialized workers who install and repair molding and trim found on windows, doors, baseboards, mantels, and other ornamental pieces.

Trim carpentry is a specialty that requires precision measuring and cutting to create a seamless, eye-appealing finished appearance. General carpentry skills and knowledge of carpentry tools are essential to becoming proficient in this aspect of the trade.  Trim carpenters must execute precision in their work, so they have to excel at measuring and cutting.

Trim carpentry in Dallas is just one of the dozens of skills that the construction and handyman pros excel in at Home Pro Contracting. They have served the Dallas area with pride and precision for many years. You may be surprised when you visit with all that they do. Just call (214) 886-3326 for an estimate.

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